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WooCommerce Floating Cart

WooCommerce Floating Cart make side cart in woocommerce. its making to easy to setup in woocommerce

Lets We discuss how this plugin work in wordpress

⭐ Step 1: WooCommerce Floating Cart Download.

⭐ Step 2: this is simple option as per screenshot in wordpress.org

⭐ Step 3: Go Admin into Floating Cart Woocommerce

Now there is much kind of Option Available Lest we discuss one by one woo floating cart
Details Reviews Support Development Description Side Cart For Woocommerce Show side cart in website . when your add to cart product auto open side cart popup with animation in your Woocommerce Website. Demo Side Cart Woocommerce Customer can be show product which added cart in side cart there customer can be remove that product quickly in Woocommerce Slide Out Cart. HOW TO WORK SIDE CART FOR WOOCOMMERCE Woocommerce Floating Cart

✅ Ajax Add To Cart : This option making with add to cart with ajax will be work it open as side cart in woocommerce

✅ Side Cart Width : It setup to floating cart of width how much you need to setup . it should be setup in pixel

✅ Button Settings : this option making Show/Hide cart, checkout and shopping button there is also option of adding custom link of shopping cart woocommerce.

✅ Display Qty Box : it making to cart in show/hide qty box in floating cart.

✅ Coupon Field on Mobile : Hide and show coupon field in mobile option

✅ Product Slider on Mobile : Hide and show Product slider in mobile option

✅ Select Product : there need to select product with need to show in slider

✅ Cart Icon : Hide/show Cart Icon

✅ On Cart & Checkout Page : that indicate you need to show Side cart into cart and checkout page

✅ Cart on Mobile : Hide/show floating cart into mobile

✅ Product Count : it show product counting into floating cart

✅ Hide Basket Pages : If you not want to show into particular page than you need to add there page id

Floating Cart Woocommece

Title Settings, Cart Product Settings, Coupon Field Settings, Slider Product Settings ,Footer Button Settings

These Above setting are provide customize color, font size much of option

Floating Cart Woocommerce

You can be customize Side Cart Woocommerce all text with come in side cart.

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