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Addon Stripe With Contact Form 7

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Contact Form 7 With Stripe allow you to setup custom amount with stripe extension to support. Now days Stripe payment gateway is much popuplar and safe for get payment. as well contact form 7 for stripe integrate libary for make best feature in your WordPress site.


  • Custom Field allow with any field of contact form 7
  • Admin can add stripe payment gateway to contact form 7
  • Admin can set different settings for diffrent contact forms
  • Enable/disable sandbox mode for testing purpose
  • Custom stripe Price as well dynamic from contact form field can be setup
  • Need just stripe Email Id No much integration need
  • Customize success and Cancel url
  • Currency Supported
  • Admin can set custom labels for stripe payment gateway form
  • Admin can set custom form tag names to get dynamic price, qty and email data
  • Save stripe Data in wordpress database
  • Show full response of stripe in database
  • Sandbox and live both mode of stripe
  • Make Donation stripe with contact form 7 and stripe
  • Stripe payment in field price avilable.
  • Add multiple dynamic values for stripe payments.
  • Customize all text editable option.
  • Product label text editable.
  • Export CSV of stripe Data
  • Stripe payment in custom and field price avilable.
  • Easy to use

How It Works Addon Stripe With Contact Form 7

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Stripe Settings

  • Enable/Disable Stripe payment option.
  • Customer email customize option.
  • Use shortcode for payment gateway option.
  • Item description,id/sku editable text options.
  • Amount, quantity custom, field options and editable text.
  • Enable/disable use stripe sandbox option.
  • Pay with stripe label editable text option.
  • Live publishable, secret key editable option.
  • Test publishable, secret key editable option.
  • Currency selection option.
  • Success url editable option.
  • Default text editable for Card number, Card code(csv), Expiration(MM/YY) options.
  • Default text editable for Postal code, Pay, Status, Order, Payment success, Payment failed, Payment process, Currency symbol options.
  • multiple product allow in stripe pro version.

Stripe Entries

  • here get all stripe form entry .
  • Export csv also option.

Here Stripe Front side

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