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Domain Checker Worppress is provide to check is domain available or not in website. you can be easy to check with wordpress domain availability.


  • Use [ocwdc-domain-checker] shortcode to add domain checker search box to any page , post or element
  • Admin can set tld type like dropdown, limited tld search or any tld which supported by api
  • Admin can add tlds, price and purchase links
  • Admin have option to enable/disable search for all tlds simultaneously
  • Enable/Disable Whois Button and option to customize text and colors
  • Enable/Disable Price on Domain Search Results
  • Can Set Default Price for all tlds
  • Enable/Disable Buy Domain Button
  • Options to set Buy Domain Button Link, Button Text, Button Background Color, Button Text Color
  • Searchbox customization options
  • Search result response customization and options to set different text, color for different responses
  • Enable/Disable Google Recaptcha v2
  • Option to set response text when captcha not verified

How It Works Web Domain Checker

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Web Domain Checker

General Settings

  • Use shortcode for web domain checker.
  • Tlds types options dropdown, limited tlds, any tlds.
  • Enable/sisable checking all allowed TLDs simultaneously option.
  • Label for options all customize option.

Other Settings

  • Search block width customize option.
  • Web domain checker Label editable text option.
  • Search input placeholder editable text option.
  • Search box padding customize option.
  • Search box text Editable option.
  • Search button font size, text color, background color options.
  • Search button padding option.
  • Domain search result font size option.
  • Domain already taken editable text option.
  • Domain already taken text background, text color options.
  • Domain empty responce editable text option.
  • Domain is available editable text option.
  • Domain is available font, background color options.
  • Domain Extension not Supported Text editable option.
  • Domain Extension not Supported background, text color options.
  • Domain Extension Required Response text editable option.
  • Domain Extension Required Response background, text color options.
  • Enable/disable whois button option.
  • Whois button text editable option.
  • Whois button background, text color options.

Buy Domain Settings

  • Enable/disable price option.
  • Default price customize option.
  • Enable/disable buy domain button option.
  • Buy domain button text editable option.
  • Default by domain button link customize option.
  • Buy now button backgroun, text color option.

ReCAPTCHA v2 Settings

  • Enable/disable google recaptcha v2 option.
  • Google recaptch v2 site key customize option.
  • Google recaptch v2 secret key customize option.
  • Please verify captcha error text editable option.

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