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Variation Table For Woocommerce

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Variation Table For Woocommerce convert variable product dropdown to individual row for visitor can understand easyly in Woocommerce.

Woo Variations Table is using to single product page of woocommerce with multiple layout.

Woocommerce Variations Table make to easy to customer attract to which variation for what is price and inventory to easy to see on single product page in woocommerce display variations as table


  • Easy to use
  • Enable/disable plugin
  • Mulatiple Layout
  • Qty Option with Dropdown and Textbox
  • Variation Columns with Single variations as well Seperate Column variations
  • Easily Searchable and Sortable table view
  • Filtering with SKU, Variation, Price
  • Data table column name is customizable option
  • Table Header background color , text color are customizable
  • List of unlimited product
  • Filter by attributes, tags, price and custom taxonomies
  • Responsive mode in product table
  • Field ordering drag-drop and flexible
  • Enable/Disable Option of Image, Variation Name, Price, Add to Cart, Inventory
  • All text translations options.
  • Enable cart icon in cart link and many cart icons for selection.
  • Add to cart loader many loader icons for selection.
  • Avilable Variation Button Enable/disable and text customize options.

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Variation Table For Woocommerce

General Settings

  • Enable/disable variation option.
  • Differents layouts selection options.
  • Quantity box number or dropdown option.
  • Variation column single or separate option.
  • Data table search, table search, table ordering enable/disable options.
  • Table header background,text color options.
  • Enable/disable avilable variation button option.
  • Enable/disable cart icon and customize icon options..
  • Add to cart loader icon customize option.

Table Columns

  • Display columns enable/disable options.
  • Drag and drop columns options.

Variations Settings

  • Image header text editable option.
  • Variation name header text editable option.
  • Price header text editable option.
  • Invenroty header text editable option.
  • Quantity header text editable option.
  • Add to cart header text editable option.
  • Added text editable option.
  • Available variation button text editable option.

Variation table disable particular product option.

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