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Fast Secure Contact Form WordPress

In Worpdress Contact form setup much of plugin available but now days we need to use which is secure and provide good function and free of cost plugin which register in wordpress.org. Therefore Fast Secure Contact Form Which is good plugin in wordpress.org but some reason wordpress.org banned that plugin that plugin it also know as si contact form plugin. We recommended instead of that plugin with Contact form For… Read More »Fast Secure Contact Form WordPress

Calculated Fields Form WordPress Plugin

In Calculated Fields Form WordPress to each other we can use wordpress plugin for calculation. let We explain you how to make Calculation Field in wordpress. Download Calculated Fields Form WordPress Plugin Form Builder adding different type of fields types. it can be calculation automatically to each other. We can make By Drag and Drop with field to put into form. in Form you can be add below Fields: Number… Read More »Calculated Fields Form WordPress Plugin

WordPress Calculator plugin

in wordpress have much of plugin available to calculation like contact form 7, gravity form, ninja form as well Orange Form . now we talking about calculator form in wordpress know as orange form. this plugin provide us to much of feature available in  wordpress. let we starting from what feature include in form. Standard Fields Text can be keep field simple text field with required and class options Radio can be make… Read More »WordPress Calculator plugin

Cost calculator contact form 7

Cost Calculator Contact Form 7

Calculation of cost calculator in contact form 7 is clear, simple and best plugin to calculate field between each other fields in contact form 7 You can download Calculate contact form 7 plugin in to wordpress.org. Demo of calculation Download Cost Calculator contact form 7 See below video there  contact form 7 how to calculate field that indicates   Formula for contact form 7 EX-1 [calculator calculator-123 “Fieldname-1 + Fieldname-2 *… Read More »Cost Calculator Contact Form 7

Price Calculator Contact form 7

Price Calculator Contact form 7 for much of plugin in available in wordpress.org but most popup plugin is Cost Calculator Contact form 7. because of this plugin has unbelievable feature in that plugins. Demo For Price Calculation below Feature available in calculate contact form 7 support all summation , dedication , multiply and division formulas Customize format total Additional support % = Find Modulus ex. 12 % 5 // 2,… Read More »Price Calculator Contact form 7