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Si Contact Form Plugin WordPress

Fast Secure Contact Form is most popular plugin in wordpress.org. Si contact form plugin make easy to setup contact form in our website.

there is option with Email, phone, name as well which you want to setup any kind of field that one.

How to setup Si contact form

Step 1:

download Si contact form to wordpress.org

Step 2:

By drag and drop you can be add any kind of field in Si Contact form

Step 3:

there is Form setting to make form color elegant in that,

you can be make it much attractive as much you want

Let’s Si Contact Form Plugin  explain with plugin. Simple form demo this is simple Contact form demo.

now i am showing you how to setup contact form in this contact form plugin

There is Two type of field setup 1) Standard Fields 2) Advanced Field

for demo i show you that for we using Standard Fields if you want to advanced field than you can be use.

Adding Field Name

You need to Drag and drop Text Field into form

Si Contact form 7

There is Much option available Label, Custom validation Message, Custom Class for field, Description Position, Placeholder, Field Size this kind of option you can customize.

Lets We adding Captcha Field in Si Contact Form

You need to bring Advanced Field from into add Captcha Field

Si contact form captcha

This is google captcha version 2 there you need to site key and secret key that you can setup captcha code in your form.

With this same plugin if you want to Calculate Form Field in wordpress than you can do.

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