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Product Bundles for WooCommerce

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Product Bundles for WooCommerce using to setup one product in bundles of product with good discount in Woocommerce.

You can be setup Bundles product in single product page in woocommerce to boosting sales as like cross selling product in Woocommerce.

If customer want to get discount on bulk product that can be we can give with dyanmic buld discount.


  • Easy Setup
  • Bundle Product Position
  • Hide/Show Title, Thumbnail, Qty, Short Description, Price
  • Seperate Product Type in Woocommerce
  • Unlimited Select Bundle Product
  • Default Qty Adding Option
  • Bundles Product on Discount Fixed or Percentage
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Before Bundle Product Text, After Bundle Product text
  • Cart Heading Font size, Font color, Product title size customize of Side Cart For Woocommerce
  • Enable/ Disable in mobile device
  • Customize Cart, Checkout, Shopping Link
  • Basket Counter Position and Color
  • Side Cart Position Left – Right

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Product Bundles for WooCommerce

General Settings

  • Position customize in single product page option.
  • Enable/disable show title option.
  • Enable/disable show thumbnail option.
  • Enable/disable show quantity option.
  • Enable/disable show short discription option.
  • Enable/disable show price option.

Smart Bundle Settings

  • Add new product type smart bundle for bundle product.
  • Select product type is smart bundle than show tab bundle products.
  • Select bundle products option.
  • Add quantity for bundle products options.
  • Customize discount price and discount type (percentage,fixed) options.
  • About text customize option.
  • button text customize option.

Order Detail Page

  • Show bundle product on order page.

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