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Price Calculator Contact form 7

Price Calculator Contact form 7 for much of plugin in available in wordpress.org but most popup plugin is Cost Calculator Contact form 7. because of this plugin has unbelievable feature in that plugins.


For Price Calculation below Feature available in calculate contact form 7

  • support all summation , dedication , multiply and division formulas
  • Customize format total
  • Additional support % = Find Modulus ex. 12 % 5 // 2, ** = Find power (^) ex. 3 ** 2 // 9, Sqrt = Find Square root ex. Sqrt(25) // 5
  • You can put Prefix on total
  • Range Slider Feature
  • One Total field
  • Make inputbox, radio , select , checkbox  price field
  • Cross browser’s compatible
  • Calculators Finance
  • Calculator Quote
  • Booking cost calculators
  • Compatible in all major browser
  • Easy use
  • Multi Total field
  • You can put Prefix with field wise


By this all feature to you can be easy to contact form 7 to convert cost calculator plugin for contact form 7. you can be use that for weight calculator, calorie calculator, quote calculator for hotel booking, car rental quote calculator, mortgage calculator, tax calculator, finance calculators.

For calculation documentation make to how to setup you can check via video and code so it make more elegant feature.

Orange form also useful plugin for contact form as well calculator form plugin

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