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Multiple Step Checkout For Woocommerce

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Woocommerce Multi Page Checkout is simple and easy to display Multiple Step in Checkout page on your website.

Multi-Page Checkout Woocommerce Plugin which divided checkout page into separate tabs.

its separation into Login, Billing, Shipping, Order, Payment these are tabs.


  • Easy Setup
  • 6 Multiple Layout
  • Next and Back Button on each tab
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Transalateb each text
  • Enable/ Disable on checkout page
  • Enable/ Disable for validation on each tab
  • Customize Background Color, Tab colors

How It Works Multiple Step Checkout For Woocommerce

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Multiple Step Checkout For Woocommerce

General Settings

  • Enable/disable multi step field option.
  • Enable/disable login step field option.
  • Enable/disable validation nextstep of field option.
  • Enable/disable back t cart button in first step option.
  • Enable/disable billig & shipping,order & payment combine step option.

Multi Step Color Settings

  • Customize multistep background & active background color oprions.
  • Customize step texts color option.
  • Customize active pipe background color option.
  • Customize next & previous button color options.

Multi Step Style Settings

  • Round wizard, Round wizard without text, Rectangle wizard, Wizard multistep icon, Arrow wizard multistep
  • Different options for different styles.

Customize Text Settings.

  • Billing step title editable option.
  • Shipping step title editable option.
  • Order step title editable option.
  • Payment step title editable option.
  • Login step title editable option.
  • Next & previous button editable text options.
  • Back to cart button text editable option.
  • Billing & shipping combine step title editable option.
  • Order & Payment combine step title editable option.

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