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Improved badges for woocommerce

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Improved badges for woocommerce is a clean, simple to use elegant option with Switch to setup in Woocommerce for your WordPress site.

Woocommerce Product Label allow to setup custom label and badge on woocommerce shop and category page. Display Custom Product Badges Woocommerce show best way to customer can be attract to product which product for gave badges or label (e.g. %OFF, NEW, FREE).

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels extension you can be create labels easily and quickly to grab your customer’s attention. there is much of badges (e.g woocommerce product icons, woocommerce product tags, woocommerce stock label, woocommerce best seller badge)


  • Easy use
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom Position left, top , right , bottom and custom
  • Discount sign, position, text
  • Label Color, Label Background, Label Shape
  • Condition on All products, selected products, Category, tag, price and on sale
  • Compatible in all major browser
  • Custom Image Badge Upload
  • display on single product page

How It Works Edit Variations In Cart For WooCommerce

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Improved badges for woocommerce

Default settings

  • Show label enable/disable oprion.
  • Badge position customize option.
  • show label on single product page enable/disable option.

Customize position Settings

  • Left, Right, Top, Bottom position customize for badge.

Label Design Settings

  • Badge text, color and background color customize options.
  • Customize font size option.
  • Select different badge oprions.

Image Badge Settings

  • Select default image for badge options.

Custom Image Settings

  • Upload any custom image for badge option.

Product Settings

  • All product, selected products, price, category, tag, on sale this 5 conditions for show badge options.
  • Price less then, greater than, between for minimum and maximum price customize options.
  • Show badge for category options.
  • Show badge for on sale product option.

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