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How to setup Instagram Gallery WordPress

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Now a days in social media popular platform like facebook , intagram as well twitter. but normally for product selling much using gallery is instagram gallery.

For instragram gallery much of plugin available in wordpress.org. But Easy and best option for gallery that for have Instagram Gallery WordPress.

You can see plugin demo Instagram Gallery WordPress here

How to use Instgram Gallery in WordPress plugin

Step : 1

Install Instagram Gallery & Sliderin your Website

Step : 2

Go to Settings > Instagram Slider

after that you need to create access token . for that go here : get access token

Copy that code and paste in Access Token field in plugin setting

Step : 3

Instagram Gallery plugin have two option for layout

  1. Grid
  2. Carousel

You can choose any one option from there . see below setting of that screenshot:

After this step all configuration is done.

Step : 4

now where you want to show Instagram gallery or Carousel than copy short code any paste .

Shortcode is below


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