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Cost Calculator Contact Form 7

Cost calculator contact form 7

Calculation of cost calculator in contact form 7 is clear, simple and best plugin to calculate field between each other fields in contact form 7

You can download Calculate contact form 7 plugin in to wordpress.org.

Demo of calculation

Download Cost Calculator contact form 7

See below video there  contact form 7 how to calculate field that indicates


Formula for contact form 7

EX-1   [calculator calculator-123 "Fieldname-1 + Fieldname-2 * (Fieldname-3 + Fieldname-4)"]
EX-2   [calculator calculator-900 "Fieldname-3 * Fieldname-4"]
EX-3(with prefix $)   [calculator calculator-959 Prefix:$ "Fieldname-3 * Fieldname-4"]
EX-4(sqrt)   [calculator calculator-265 "sqrt(Fieldname-1) ** Fieldname-2"]
EX-4(with prefix $ and Precision 2)   [calculator calculator-266 Prefix:$ Precision:2 " Fieldname-1 % Fieldname-2"]


  • Easy use
  • Support all mathematical formulas
  • Creating forms with automatically calculated fields
  • Multi Total field
  • Add radio,checkbox , select price field
  • Cross browser’s compatible
  • Custom format total field
  • Finance calculators
  • Quote calculators
  • Booking cost calculators
  • Add one or more calculated fields
  • Hide calculated field and only send email

If you have any issue about Calculate Contact Form 7 than you can be contact on contact page

4 thoughts on “Cost Calculator Contact Form 7”

  1. I bought the plugin, great!
    But I wanted to clarify a doubt, my calculation the result must be in Brazilian currency, the real (R $). It appears like this with 2 decimals: R $ 36000.00 and the right would be R $ 36.000,00 how do I adjust it?

  2. Hi! Can anyone help me with setting the result underneath in a date format dd/mm/yyyy?

    Thanks in advance!

    Verloopdatum: [date verloopdatum]

    [calculate_button “Bereken”]

    Resultaat: [calculation resultaat “verloopdatum – 60”]

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