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Contact Form 7 Custom Post Type Dropdown

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Contact Form 7 Custom Post Type Dropdown for you can be make custom as well there you can be use plugin Custom Post type Dropdown Contact form 7  wordpress.org free plugin. Dynamic Post Contact form 7 to make form in much effective feature.

In this plugin its allow to setup much of feature see below that

  • beautiful drop-down-menues with post image, excerpt and meta data
  • selection of the post type (posts, pages, attachments, custom post types)
  • selection and limitation of categories (taxonomies)
  • customized/individual formatting of the label
  • configuring the value attribute
  • customized sorting of the post type
  • Display a search box on drop-down-menues
  • limitation of the post type based on its particular status (published, draft etc.)

Its also know as  contact form 7 – post fields

we using this for select2.js  who have customize for good idea they can be customize that part which allow by Dropdown Post list Contact form 7. mostly contact form 7 much popular in contact form 7 it can be make much prefer to setup.

As well this plugin allow with woocommerce feature with make product list price, Feature image so that is extra feature to setup it in woocommerce plugin.

it include order by date , random asc-desc as well if you want to show product or custom post product category wise than you can do it.

Search box – it can be allow to make search box of select2.js with Contact Form 7 Custom Post Type Dropdown. it can be find product as much as productive. if customer want to inquiry for product there need to select multiple product you can use that feature Dynamic Post Contact form 7 .

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