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Calculated Fields contact form 7 in WordPress

In this tutorial we explain me how to setup calculated field in contact form 7 for this.

Download Cost Calculator Contact Form 7

we need to setup value and label both for Select box, radio button, checbox as well text field.

Technically we use Calculated Fields contact form 7 for contact form 7 calculate price WordPress plugin. For this you not need to use jquery understanding or anything code understanding for this just need to use in Calculate Contact Form 7  plugin from wordpress.org.

How to setup calculated fields contact form 7

For this you need to download  plugin from wordpress.org or Calculated Fields contact form 7  this link.

Just see this Price Calculator Contact form 7  Video and install plugin to it will setup is contact form 7 calculate price in contact form 7

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Orange form also useful plugin for contact form as well calculator form plugin

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