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Calculate Contact Form 7 Provide easy to calculate contact form 7 to make Loan Calaculation, Booking Calaculation, Math Calaculation. Cost calculator Contact Form 7 can be Calaculation price base on text, checkbox , radio and select box base adding price with prefix in WordPress site.

Price calculator contact form 7 to make each field between to setup calculation to field so we can know costing for contact form 7.


  • Support all summation , deducation , multiply and devision formulas
  • Customize format total
  • Additional support % = Find Modulus ex. 12 % 5 // 2, ** = Find power (^) ex. 3 ** 2 // 9, Sqrt = Find Square root ex. Sqrt(25) // 5
  • You can put Prefix on total
  • Range Slider Feature
  • One Total field
  • Make inputbox price field
  • Make radio price field
  • Make select box price field
  • Make checkbox price field
  • Cross browser’s compatible
  • Paypal Supported
  • Save Data in Database
  • Calculators Finance
  • Calculator Quote
  • Booking cost calculators
  • Compatible in all major browser
  • Easy use
  • Multi Total field
  • You can put Prefix with field wise

How It Works Calculate Contact Form 7

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Calculate Contact Form 7

Calculator Settings

  • Calculater button show on contact form option.
  • Calculated firlds shortcode.

Add Calculater Field Settings

  • Enter field name option.
  • Enter fields with formulas for calculate option.
  • Add prefix for calculator option.
  • Result Precision editable text option.

Range Slider Settings

  • Step option for slide range.
  • Range minimun, maximum customize options.
  • Prefix editable option.
  • Prefix position left, right option.
  • Slider color customize option.
  • Tooltip position left, right, top, bottom customize option.

Paypal Settings

  • Enable/disable paypal payment option.
  • Enable/disable sand box for paypal option.
  • Paypal business email option for payment.
  • Amount custom price, field price option.
  • Quantity custom quantity, field quantity option.
  • Amount and quantity editable options.
  • Currency selection for amount option.
  • Success return url editable option.
  • Cancel return url editable option.

Display all form data list in this section.

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