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Addon Paypal and Stripe With Contact Form 7

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Contact Form 7 With Paypal and Stripe allow you to setup custom amount with paypal extension to support. Now days Paypal and Stripe payment gateway is much popuplar and safe for get payment. as well contact form 7 for paypal and stripe integrate libary for make best feature in your WordPress site.


  • Custom Field allow with any field of contact form 7
  • Admin can add stripe and paypal payment gateway to contact form 7
  • Admin can set different settings for diffrent contact forms
  • Enable/disable sandbox mode for testing purpose
  • Custom Paypal Price as well dynamic from contact form field can be setup
  • Need just Paypal Email Id No much integration need
  • Customize success and Cancel url
  • Currency Supported
  • Admin can set custom labels for stripe payment gateway form
  • Admin can set custom form tag names to get dynamic price, qty and email data
  • Save Paypal and stripe Data in wordpress database
  • Show full response of paypal and stripe in database
  • Sandbox and live both mode of paypal and stripe
  • Make Donation Paypal with contact form 7 and stripe
  • Stripe payment in field price avilable.
  • Add multiple dynamic values for stripe and paypal payments.
  • Customize all text editable option.
  • Product label text editable.
  • Export CSV of Paypal and stripe Data
  • Stripe payment in custom and field price avilable.
  • Easy to use

How It Works Addon Paypal and Stripe With Contact Form 7

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Addon Paypal and Stripe With Contact Form 7

Stripe Settings

  • Enable/Disable Stripe payment option.
  • Customer email customize option.
  • Use shortcode for payment gateway option.
  • Item description,id/sku editable text options.
  • Amount, quantity custom, field options and editable text.
  • Enable/disable use stripe sandbox option.
  • Pay with stripe label editable text option.
  • Live publishable, secret key editable option.
  • Test publishable, secret key editable option.
  • Currency selection option.
  • Success url editable option.
  • Default text editable for Card number, Card code(csv), Expiration(MM/YY) options.
  • Default text editable for Postal code, Pay, Status, Order, Payment success, Payment failed, Payment process, Currency symbol options.

Paypal Settings

  • Enable/disable paypal payment option.
  • Customer email customize option.
  • Use sandbox for paypal payment testing Enable/disable option.
  • Use Paypal sandbox Like Stripe Payment Settnigs.
  • Static value Item description, id/sku, custom ammount, custom quantity, tax fixed rates, discount rates options.
  • Dynamic value multiple add options.
  • Dunamic value in Price, Quantity, Description fields options.

Form Settings

  • Dynamic values in use tag names for values.
  • Payment gateway shortcode for payment redirection.
  • Easy to use for paypal, stripe payments.

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